Титаниево Фолио 34 x 25 мм • Дебелина 0,04 мм

Surgitime Titanium SEAL (Titanium-Foil) are ideal for three-dimensional bone

regeneration (GBR, Guided Bone Regeneration). If necessary, they can be secured 

with a matched easy-to-handle fixation system.


Titanium-Foils – 0,04mm thickness.


Titanium is a safe material with an excellent track record in all surgical procedures.

Product Benefits and Strengths

The Surgitime Titanium SEAL (Titanium-Foil) provides microstability. Its surface 

is electropassivated chemically, so that it is bioelectrically neutral. Impermeable, 

it performs well even when exposed. The Surgitime Titanium SEAL is very flexible 

and can be used for covering periodontal defects or extraction sockets. It usually 

does not need fixation.

Clinical Procedure (Three-dimensional Augmentation)

The foil is trimmed to size with the edges carefully rounded, bent to shape by 

prestressing and secured with Bionnovation Bone Screws usually in the vestibulum.

Foils can also be used in an exposed position as they are impermeable so that 

they protect the grafting material. On completion of treatment the pins are simply 

unscrewed and removed.

Handling Benefits

The fully impermeable Titanium-Foil is prestressable, stable and acts as a space maker, 

e.g. for alveolar ridge augmentation. Surgitime Titanium SEAL neutral bioelectrically 

thanks to electrochemical passivation and thus contribute to an uneventful growth 

of new bone.

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Титаниево Фолио 34 x 25 мм • Дебелина 0,04 мм

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