Титаниева мембрана 34 х 24 мм /Дебелина 0,04 mm / големината на отворите 0,15 mm


The titanium mesh provides excellent biocompatibility, and occlusive property, and 

it is permeable thus enabling the transmission of nutrients, and easy utilization 

because it is highly malleable and can be cut for surgical site adaptations, having the 

capacity to ensure an unadulterated regenerative space and the possibility of graft 

vascularization on both sides (periosteum and endosseous). It has been designed to 

ensure a tridimensional reconstruction of alveolar bone defects and to facilitate bone 

replacement through the replacement material’s adequate fixation.


It assists bone neoformation, acting as a barrier hindering the migration of epithelial cells 

and of the conjunctive tissue, thus avoiding competition with the bone graft.

Indication and Purpose of Use

Surgitime Titanium (titanium mesh) is indicated for medical regenerative procedures

(orthopedics and neurosurgery) and odontological (periodontics, oral and maxillofacial 

(Orbital reconstruction) and implantodontics), especially for bone reconstructions. 


• Easy to handle to the surgical sites

• Supple 

• No trauma on soft tissue

• Proper containment of the bone graft

• Improve space for bone regeneration

• Ultra thin (0,04mm and 0,08mm)

• Biocompatible

• Grade 1 titanium

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Титаниева мембрана 34 х 24 мм /Дебелина 0,04 mm / големината на отворите 0,15 mm

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  • Код на продукта: Surgitime Titanium 34 x 25 mm • 0,04 mm / 0,15 mm
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