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Колагенова мембрана



BIOPAD® is an ivory-white soft sponge, made exclusively of lyophilized type I nativeheterologous collagen extracted from horse flexor tendon, gelatine free, that keeps its native structure, specific to the body's skin tissue.

BIOPAD® is supplied sterile in a single package, for one-use only, and can be available in different sizes from 1x1 cm to 10x15 cm. The standard size is 5x5 cm.

BIOPAD® can be cut to wound size and easily adapted to wound size and shape.


BIOPAD® is an active dressing, playing an active role in all stages of wound healing process, stimulating granulation tissue growth and enhancing regeneration tissues. It ensures:

1. balance between absorption and humidity at wound surface
2. gaseous exchange
3. barrier to prevent bacterial infections
4. it is completely non-adherent

BIOPAD® use is completely painless for the patient and does not require removal or change of dressing.


Quick Restoration of intactness of disrupted surface is critical in the healing process:

BIOPAD® is the ideal mean for ensuring a fast recovery of the wounded area.

BIOPAD® is the ideal and most innovative dressing for the control of minor bleeding and for the local management of moderately to heavy exuding wounds including

· Pressure sores,
· Donor sites and other bleeding surfaces,
· Dehisced surgical incisions,
· Draining wounds,
· Lacerations,
· Venous stasis ulcers,
· Diabetic ulcers,
· Partial and full thickness wounds,
· Post-laser surgery,
· Podiatric,
· Surgical and traumatic wounds.

The advantages of BIOPAD®’s use can be summarized in:

· Reduction of healing time
· Best quality of scarring
· Excellent results, even in difficult to treat ulcers
· Easiness of use
· Painless application
· Reduced dressing frequency
· Outpatient treatment (in acute phase)
· Home-treatment (subsequently the acute phase)

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Колагенова мембрана - BIOPAD

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