Хидроксиапатит 0,70 - 0,80 mm - 0,5 гр.


Hydroxyapatite Ca10 (PO4)6(OH) 2 is the main mineral element of teeth’s enamel and bones. Bionnovation’s Hydroxyapatite is manufactured from Calcium Hydroxide and Phosphoric Acid, resulting in radiopaque particles of multiple sizes, which help the development of bone cells. When in contact with the recipient bone matrix they behave as a bone support, facilitating migration of the recipient capillaries and cells, in order to differentiate within this calcified structure, favoring osteo-conduction of new bone tissue forming cells.

Indication and Purpose of Use

Hydroxyapatite is a bone graft material successfully used in orthopedic, cranio-maxillofacial and odontologic surgeries. It is recommended to repair defects of the base of the skull, spinal fusion, and for orthopedic use, it is also used for bone grafts around dental implants and hip mettalic prostheses.

• Excellent alternative to autograft and allograft bone;

• Porous structure allows the penetration of tissue;

•Providing slow absorption increased stability tissue;

• Storage at room temperature;

• Safe and Sterile.

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Хидроксиапатит 0,70 - 0,80 mm - 0,5 гр.

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  • Код на продукта: 0,70 - 0,80 mm - 0,5 g
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